Cleansing Altar Candle - 16 oz / 100 Hour Burn Time

Cleansing Altar Candle - 16 oz / 100 Hour Burn Time

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The Altare Collection features altar candles hand poured by the Downtown Tarot Company in Michigan. Each candle is intuitively curated with a unique scent, herb, and crystal chips to enhance the energy and intent of each candle. As Downtown Tarot Companys largest and longest lasting candles, they are perfect to use for your altar, rituals, working with deities,or for spells.

CLEANSING: The Cleansing Candle is made with white wax, scented with lavender, and dressed with clear quartz crystal chips as well as sage herbs to purify negative or unbalanced energy around you.

- Coconut soy wax blend with crystal chips, herbs, and fragrance oils
- 16 oz glass jar, 13 oz of wax
- Approximately 100 hour burning time

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