Lampadia Kroki Thread Set

Lampadia Kroki Thread Set

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This kit includes black, red, and white silk thread of the standard Covina kroki, plus the addition of purple to signify your status as a student in Lampadia. A key charm is also included (may vary from the one in the photo).

Upon your graduation from Lampadia in 2024, I will send you the pink silk thread to add to your kroki to symbolize your graduation. This additional thread will be sent to you at no cost to you - it is a graduation gift. 

Please note: this set is only available to those who are signed up for Lampadia within Covina. If you are in Hekate's Keys, please order this kroki instead. Orders will be verified against the current Lampadia membership list before being shipped. If you have ordered this set without being a Lampadia student, your order will be cancelled and refunded, minus a $3.00 fee to cover the payment processing charges we incur as a result of your purchase and the time spent verifying your order.

8 yards of each color will be more than enough to create your kroki using most methods. If you have any questions regarding the amount of thread you'd need for your particular method, please feel free to get in touch with me. I am happy to ship anywhere in the world - shipping will be added at checkout.

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