Magical Moon Box - July 2023 Shipment - Deposit
Magical Moon Box - July 2023 Shipment - Deposit

Magical Moon Box - July 2023 Shipment - Deposit

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Please be sure to read the entire listing before submitting your deposit. 

The Magical Moon Box is 28-day witchy experience! 

Included in each Magical Moon Box are 28 individually-wrapped items to be opened over the course of a moon month. Each item is labeled with a moon phase (New/Dark Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, Waning Moon) - open up one item each day according the to the current moon phase. Each item also includes a note with information on the item's possible use. Think of it as a sort of witchy advent calendar.

Items included in the Magical Moon Box can include stones, botanicals, candles, decks, altar & practice tools, witchy swag & decorative items, and more. This box is open to any who would like to experience it, so I do not include any tradition-specific items, such as deity statues or icons.

The Magical Moon Box includes over $300 worth of products, and the total cost of the box is $275. Shipping is included for US addresses, shipping for international addresses is $35. This non-refundable deposit of $50 secures your place in the box. Your final payment invoice of $225 (plus shipping for international addresses) will be emailed to you when your deposit is processed, and is due no later than June 30th, 2023. Unpaid invoices will result in the cancellation of your spot in the shipment - in this case, your deposit not refundable. 

Since surprise is part of the fun of a Magical Moon Box, I do not share included items ahead of time. The second photo here is from a previous Box's recipient, showing the items in their packaging.


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